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A New Patent for Mining-Related Capacitor was Filed in Early January 2020

Group Release | Wuxi, China | June 11, 2020

On January 03, 2020, Wuxi CRE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd made an application payment to file a new patent for a DC-Link metalized film capacitor used in explosion-proof integrated frequency converter for coal mines. (Patent Number: 2019222133634)


Wuxi, Jiangsu (June 11, 2020) – Although the application of frequency converter in mining is relatively more recent compared to those in other fields, the market demand has been skyrocketing for the past 5 years. The rise of the frequency converter for mining is largely because of outdated electronic equipment failing to satisfy industrial production needs.


Those old-fashioned devices have large size, low efficiency, massive energy consumption, high carbon emission and are lack of explosion-proof capabilities for harsh working environment. In addition, they occupy large working space and usually require electronic control system and oil pressure system. In contrast, integrated frequency converter is small in size saving a considerable working space. It does not rely on other systems to function as well. A power source and a cable are all it needs to perform.


Therefore, a specifically designed film capacitor for these integrated mining frequency converters that fulfills the criteria mentioned above plays a critical role. Typically, a DC-Link capacitor used in explosion-proof integrated frequency converter for mining will connect multiple standard film capacitors in series or parallel, each packaged with aluminum cylinder shell. This method obviously still requires large product size and large working space, not to mention inconvenience for frequent transportation due to its heavy weight.


Offering reliable and quality solutions is always the top priority of Wuxi CRE New energy. In order to resolve these technical disadvantages brought by the traditional method mentioned above, CRE New Energy has developed anew DC-Link metalized film capacitor specifically designed for integrated frequency converter for coal mining purposes.


Internally, it integrates two capacitor cores into one single shell and solders capacitor bobbins into a bus bar structure which considerably reduce the total size. Also, the capacitor cores are winded by metalized polypropylene film including the capacitor electrodes and polypropylene film dielectric. The electrodes are aluminum layers coated with vacuum-deposited polypropylene film. The metalized film winding technology increases the capacitor cores’ resistance to high voltage and over current, reduces the heat produced, increases the life expectancy and reduces the size even further. Externally as a whole, we applied flat design concept to minimize the physical model size.


On January 03, 2020, Wuxi CRE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd made an application payment to file a patent for this new metalized film capacitor used in explosion-proof integrated mining frequency converter (Patent Number: 2019222133634). Currently, CRE New Energy possesses 20 effective patents, 6 patents undergoing verification process along with this new one. Many more are expected to follow in the long run. We promise, and we deliver.


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For more information on this new patent,

please visit http://cpquery.sipo.gov.cn/ or http://www.sipop.cn/module/gate/homePage.html and search the patent number 2019222133634 or company name by “无锡宸瑞新能源科技有限公司”. Up to the date of this article, the detailed description of this patent has NOT yet available for the public and will be accessible after it undergoes due verification process in the near future. You may contact us directly to discuss more. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your interests.

Post time: Jun-18-2020