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Capacitors in Renewable Energy Systems

CRE strives to design film capacitors to solve the unique demands presented within each of the electronic stages of power inverters. Wind power and solar energy are one of the popular industries. With the pressing needs of the renewable energy, Wind power and solar energy is growing continuously all over the world. 

With years of effort, CRE gain 60% share in new energy market. DC link capacitors, 3Phase AC capacitors are popular applied for PV inverters, wind rectifiers in domestic and overseas. Among CRE’s worldwide customers are leading manufacturers of wind power generator, rectifier, photovoltaic inverter etc. 

Among the domestic manufacturers of capacitors for wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation, only a few manufacturers can provide high-quality products, CRE brand is lucky to have an occupation of the corresponding market share. We invested a completed product line for this market.   DC link and AC filter capacitor designed for Solar inverter and wind power rectifier are popular used in market. With production capacity of 30000 pcs of Pin terminals capacitor and 2000 pcs of Cylindrical capacitors each day, both being available used for AC filter and DC link application. 

To be a leader in the industry of film capacitors. CRE is China's one-stop manufacture for "Custom design - produce metallized film capacitor", products are widely used in industrial power conversion. The company's additional issuance projects for mature raw materials supply chain and experienced RD team possess high technical barriers and strong profitability, which is expected to form a stable support for customers. 

inner of capacitor bank
CRE capacitor
Power electronic film capacitor

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