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Capacitors for Wind Power Plants

CRE has developed high grade film power capacitors with high rated voltage, long operating life and high current handling capability. The high grade film capacitors are best for renewable energy power generation applications, such as solar power inverters,  AC output filters in offshore wind turbines, etc

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Metallized polypropylene film capacitors (MKP)

Typical applications

1. DC link     2. AC filtering    3. IGBT     4. Snubbering    5. Energy storage

Reference standard

1. IEC 61071; IEC61881; ISO9001; UL E496566; VDE; IATF; RoHS&reach.


1. Max. operating temperature: 105 °C
2. Climatic category: 55/100/56


1. Dielectric: polypropylene (PP)
2. Wound capacitor technology with internal series connection
3. Plastic case (UL 94 V-0)
4. Epoxy resin sealing (UL 94 V-0)


1. High pulse strength and high contact reliability
2. Very low inductance
3. RoHS-complied
4. Custom-made available


1. Strap terminals, tinned copper or brass
2. Pins
3. Stud/screws
4. Bakelite
5. Electric wire


Manufacturer's logo, ordering code, style (MKP)
Rated capacitance (coded), cap. tolerance (code letter)
Rated DC voltage, date of manufacture (coded)
Customer logo is available if required

3-phase AC filter capacitor

DC-Link capacitor

Delivery mode

1. Bulk    2. Custom-made 

Storage and operating conditions

Do not use or store capacitors in a corrosive atmosphere, especially where chloride gas, sulfide gas, acid, alkali, salt or the like are present. In dusty environments, regular maintenance and cleaning especially of the terminals is required to avoid conductive path between phases and/or phases and ground.
The maximum storage temperature is 85 °C.

Service life expectancy

Electrical components do not have an unlimited service life expectancy; this applies to self-healing capacitors, too.
The maximum service life expectancy may vary depending on the application the capacitor is used in.

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