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The Application of film capacitors (film capacitor structure and working principle diagram)

1. Market scale

Film capacitors refer to capacitors with electrical grade electronic films as dielectrics. According to the different electrode formation methods, it can be divided into foil film capacitorand metallized film capacitor. According to the different structure and processing method, it is divided into winding type, laminated type, inductive type and non-inductive type. According to the type of current, it can be divided into two types: DC and AC film capacitors.

At present, the film capacitor industry is entering a period of stable development from a
period of rapid growth, and the new and old kinetic energy of the industry is in the
transition stage.

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Source: Compiled by Zhiyan Consulting

2. Downstream application

Film capacitors, with excellent performance, are widely used in many industries such as home appliances, communications, power grids, rail transition, industrial control, lighting and new energy (photovoltaic, wind energy, automobiles). It is basic electronic component, applied in almost all electronic circuits.

● New energy vehicle field

In recent years, the current policies in new energy vehicle field have emerged one after another, and many cities have gathered and promulgated relevant policies to vigorously develop the application of new energy vehicles, which will eventually stimulate great demandson film capacitors. According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2020, the production of new energy vehicles in China will be 1.366 million units, and the sales volume will be 1.367 million units. In the first half of 2021, China's new energy vehicle production was 1.215 million units, and sales were 1.206 million units.

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Source: Compiled by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Zhiyan Consulting.

Film capacitors are capacitors used in DC filtering applications. Because it has the advantages of long life and good temperature stability compared with traditional capacitors, it is more suitable for inverter DC filtering in new energy vehicles. As the application of film capacitors in hybrid vehicles has been recognized by the market, film capacitors have also been widely used in new energy vehicle markets such as pure electric vehicles.

The continuous growth of sales of new energy vehicles has brought a broad market growth space for film capacitors. If the demand for new energy vehicle film capacitors is 1.5 pieces per unit and the unit price is 450 yuan per piece, the market size of film capacitors in China's new energy vehicle field in 2020 will be about 922 million yuan.

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Source: Compiled by Zhiyan Consulting

● Wind power field

Film capacitors are used in wind power converters and photovoltaic inverters because of its cost-effectiveness, high rated voltage, and long life.

As one of the most important renewable resource power generation methods in my country, wind power generation is also the most mature power generation method in my country's new energy power generation technology, so it has been widely used in my country.

Wind power and other renewable energy power generation technologies continue to improve, costs continue to decline, economic efficiency is significantly improved, and there is a large space for future development. In 2020, the newly installed capacity of China's wind power will increase by 178.4% year-on-year, and the newly installed capacity will reach 71.67 million kilowatts. In the first half of 2021, China's newly installed wind power capacity will be 10.84 million kilowatts.

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Source: National Energy Administration, Zhiyan Consulting

According to the "2021-2027 China Film Capacitor Industry Market Development Research and Investment Prospect Analysis Report" released by Zhiyan Consulting, if the unit price of film capacitors in the wind power field is 25,000-27,000 yuan/MW, the market size of film capacitors in the wind power field in 2019 will be 669 million yuan, and the market size of film capacitors in China's wind power field in 2020 is about 1.792 billion yuan.

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Source: Compiled by Zhiyan Consulting

Photovoltaic power field

As a kind of new energy, photovoltaic power has attracted more and more countries' attention. The abundant solar energy resources and silicon ore reserves provide good condition for the development of my country's solar power industry.

The unique advantages such as cost reduction and flexibility have helped photovoltaics become an important choice for new type of power generation under the pressure of carbon emission targets. In 2020, China's newly installed photovoltaic capacity is 48.2 million kilowatts, and in the first half of 2021, China's new photovoltaic installed capacity is 13.01 million kilowatts.

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