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CRE attended the PCIM exhibition in Nuremberg Germany

Wuxi CRE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. recently presented its latest film capacitor products at the Power Electronics Systems and Components Exhibition (PCIM Europe 2024) held in Nuremberg, Germany. This exhibition is not only a major event in the global power electronics industry, but also an important platform for CRE to showcase its technological innovation and product strength.

PCIM 2024

Technical features and application advantages

At the exhibition, CRE's booth attracted many professional visitors and industry peers from around the world. The film capacitors displayed by the company have won a lot of attention and praise for their excellent performance, reliable quality and wide application prospects. Chenrui's technical experts explained the product's technical features and application advantages to visitors in detail, including high withstand voltage, high stability, long life and other features, fully demonstrating the company's technology accumulation and innovation capabilities in the field of power electronics.

European market prospects

In 2024, the European market's demand for efficient and reliable power electronic components will continue to grow. With the rapid expansion of the renewable energy and electric vehicle markets, film capacitors have broad application prospects in these fields. CRE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has further consolidated its position in the European market through this PCIM exhibition. The film capacitor products displayed by the company have significant advantages in improving energy efficiency and reducing costs, and can provide European customers with more reliable and efficient solutions.


Post time: Jun-17-2024

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