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  • CRE film Capacitors Used in Power converters

    CRE film Capacitors Used in Power converters

    CRE custom-design film capacitors for applying in DC-Link, IGBT snubber, High-Voltage resonance, AC filter, etc.; which is widely used in power electronics, railway signal systems, transport automation system, solar and wind power generator, E-vehicle inverter, power supply converter, welding and...
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  • 80 KWp solar plant in Chile

    The Patagonia National Park in Chile recently started supplying its information centre with 100% sustainable energy. An 80 KWp solar plant with Sunny Tripower inverters and a 144 kWh storage system with Sunny Island battery inverters are supplemented by 32 kW hydropower and a diesel generator as ...
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  • Newly delivered EV capacitor for trolleybus

    Newly delivered EV capacitor for trolleybus

    Recently, We delivered a batch of EV capacitors for city trolleybus. Now the trolleybuses hit the road and carry passagers.  The car’s power is coming from the build-in power battery and the power provided by wire network. This trolleybus not only save the trouble of setting up charging pile, but...
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  • A letter from President

    A letter from President

    As the winter time comes, the second wave of the COVID-19 spreading threats people’s life again. I offer my sincere sympathy to those infected by the corona-virus, their families, and related parties, and my deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones due to infection. Around the world,...
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