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High current DC link film capacitor for electric drivetrain inverters

Short Description:

1. Plastic package, sealed with eco-fridendly epoxy resin, copper leads, customized dimension

2. Resistance to high voltage, self-healing metallized polypropylene film

3. Low ESR, high ripple current handling capability

4. Low ESR, effectively reduce the reverse voltage

5. Large capacity, compact structure


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Technical data

工作温度范围/Operating temperature range -40℃~105℃
贮存温度范围/Storage temperature range -40℃~105℃
额定电压Un/ Rated voltage 450V.DC-1100VDC
额定容量Cn/ Rated capacitance 450-1000μF
容量偏差/Cap.tol ±5%(J)
耐电压/Withstand voltage Vt-t 1.5Un/10S(20℃±5℃)
Vt-c 3000V.AC/10S(50Hz20℃±5℃)
损耗角正切/Dissipation factor tgδ≤0.001  f=100Hz
绝缘电阻/Insulation resistance Rs×C≥10000S (at20℃ 100V.DC 60s)
等效串联电阻/ESR ≤0.3mΩ(10KHz)
自感/Ls ≤20nH
热阻/Rth 1.8K/W
额定电流/Max. current Irms 140A (70℃)
浪涌电压/Non-recurrent surge voltage (Us) 675V.DC
脉冲峰值电流/Maximum peak current (Î) 5KA
浪涌电流/ Maximum surge current(Is) 15KA
灌封料/Filling material Resin or Polyurethane, dry type
失效率/Failure quota ≤50Fit
预期寿命/Life expectancy see drawing
引用标准/Reference standard IEC 61071 ;AEC Q200D-2010
重量/Weight 2.3kg
尺寸/Dimension 275mm×72mm×70mm

DKMJ-AP series

Advanced power film capacitors with controlled self-healing technology are one of the power electronics solutions that EV and HEV engineers can rely on to meet the stringent size, weight, performance, and zero-catastrophic-failure reliability criteria of this demanding market.

Power film capacitors capable of delivering reliable design solutions for EVs and HEVs must meet several specific parameters regarding metalized film materials, processing, and design.



Sustainable development has become a critical and ubiquitous concept in the contemporary era. Specifically, in the energy industry, clean, renewable energy solutions are replacing traditional oil-based methods. With EV and HEV being the rising market, inverters are required to have smaller size, higher energy density, wide bandgap (WGB) and zero-catastrophic-failure in order to substitute traditional internal combustion engine (ICE). As a result, metalized film capacitor is an indispensable prerequisite for future EV and HEV to satisfy these market criteria.

Metalized film capacitor at CRE has the feature of self-healing, a capability to prevent catastrophic failure when an internal defect occurs. The dielectric film in our capacitor is coated with metallic material which is vacuum-deposited and has a thickness of only dozens of nanometers. When there is a weak point or impurity on the dielectric, a breakdown will occur. The energy released by the arc discharge at the breakdown will be sufficient enough to evaporate the metal layer around, isolate the defect and effectively heal the capacitor to maintain functionality.

With this self-healing technology, our metalized film capacitors are applicable for a wide range of market demand and capable to fulfill advanced electronic requirements including those of inverters used in EV and HEV. They possess a long life-expectancy and practical reliability with zero catastrophic failure. In addition to the advantages resulted from the self-healing feature, our capacitors are also small in size with large capacitance. They could be easily installed and could resist high voltage.

The metalized film capacitors is applied by CRE patent designs. They are usually infused with dry resin, wound by Myra tape and sealed by either metal or plastic shell. The patent design will bring various advantages including balancing current and inductance, no critical thermal expansion, high electrical field and lower production cost. Multiple capacitor bobbin could be soldered into a bus bar structure to offer lower self-inductance values which could be used to limit over-voltage during switching.

As one of the responses for clean energy trend and sustainable development, the EV and HEV market is expected to continuously expand and eventually replace ICE models. Metalized film capacitors at Wuxi CRE will be the effective, reliable and leading solution for your future production.


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