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Water cooled capacitor for induction heating equipment

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Water cooled capacitors are mainly used in controllable or adjustable AC voltage systems with rated voltages up to 4.8kv and frequencies up to 100KHZ to improve the power factor in induction heating, melting, stirring or casting devices and similar applications.


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The electrothermal capacitor is made of coarsed polypropylene film and high-performance liquid (excluding PCB) as the composite medium, with high purity aluminum foil as the electrode, porcelain copper screw and cooling pipe as the outlet terminal, aluminum alloy plate as the shell, and water cooling pipe as the inner distribution.The shape is mostly cuboid box structure.


Induction heating, melting, stirring, and similar USES of equipment to improve the power factor.

Operating condition

a. No more than 1000m above sea level

b. No violent mechanical vibration in the work place

c. No harmful gases and vapors

d. No conductive dust

e. The inlet temperature of cooling water under 30 ℃.

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