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Newly designed Induction heating capacitor for intermediate frequency furnace

Short Description:

Induction heating capacitors are designed for the use of induction furnaces and heaters , to improve the power factor or circuit characteristics.

The capacitors are all-film dielectric which is impregnated with an eco-friendly, non-toxic biodegradable insulation oil. They are designed as water cooled live case units (dead case on request). Multi section configuration (tapping) enabling high current loading and tuning resonance circuits are standard feature. Recommended ambient temperature and water flow are very important.

Power Range: up to 6000 uF

Voltage Range: 0.75kv to 3kv

Reference Standard:GB/T3984.1-2004


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Product instructions

A. No violent mechanical vibration;

B. no harmful gases and vapors;

C. no electrical conductivity and explosive dust;

D. The ambient temperature of the product is in the range of -25 ~ +50℃;

E. the cooling water must be pure water, and the water temperature of the outlet is under 40℃.


A. If the capacitor is to be contacted after shutdown, it must be discharged to the capacitor by short connection connection to contact the capacitor to prevent the remaining voltage from hurting people.

B. water freezing in the cooling pipe can cause damage to the capacitor, so when used in the environment below 0℃, to prevent water freezing.

C. Regularly clean the dirt on the porcelain column of the capacitor, keep the porcelain column clean, and prevent electricity leakage or short circuit;

D. hot expansion and cold contraction will make the nut loose, each stop should check whether the nut on the capacitor terminal is loose.

E. The porcelain column shall not be moved during transportation.

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